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Introducing Move at Work Challenge

What is Move at Work ​Challenge?

It's an all-encompassing wellness platform helping employees live happier and healthier work lives through movement, meditation and mindfulness.

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What Other Humans Are Saying About the Power of Move at Work Challenge

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Participants reported the following benefits of the Move at Work Challenge:



Meet Your Movement Motivator:

Saara Haapanen

BSc., MSc., PhD Candidate

Saara has a passion for helping humans, especially when it comes to their health and wellbeing. She created Move at Work Challenge in 2017 as a way for workplaces to combat the rising tide of unhealthy sedentary work, so common in current workplace culture.


Described by a former colleague, Saara is a “Beaming beacon of positivity and unparalleled source of motivational energy". She aspires to transform her human's lives utilizing approaches that are fun, engaging, and exciting.


In college, Saara was a Division I springboard diver and Mountain West Conference Champion, while also earning an undergraduate degree in kinesiology (human movement), health promotion, and psychology.


She continued her post-graduate studies in her ancestral country of Finland, pursuing a Master`s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology, and is currently in the final stages of completing her PhD in Sport and Exercise Psychology**


While studying, she was also competing in springboard diving for the Finnish National team. Saara was the first overall alternate for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 (ranked 30th in the World)


Saara has coached and trained humans of all levels, from beginners to international competitors for 22 years in three countries. However, she found her calling in fighting the sitting pandemic and helping humans live happier and healthier lives at work using the three M's: Movement, Mindfulness and Meditation.


In her free time she enjoys gardening, home reno, working out, crafting and exploring all that Colorado has to offer with her husband and boxers.


**Read about Saara's research publications and conference presentations here

Find Out How Move at Work Challenge Can Help You!

(Cost is dependent on the number of employees, please contact Saara for more information)

Just Move


Introductory package:

  • Daily 5-7 minute videos featuring exercises, stretches, meditation and/or mindfulness
  • Videos can be completed anywhere (work, home, travelling, etc.) and are suitable for all fitness levels
  • No equipment needed!   


Everything in "Just Move" plus:

  • Access to past video library
  • Participation analytics
  • Reminder texts
  • Movement requests for videos
  • Weekend homework/prizes 
  • Health, wellness and nutrition digital resources



Available add-on services to either package:

  • Library of 1 hour workouts for varying fitness levels, with/without equipment

  • In person/online workshops, webinars and Q&A sessions
  • Tailored videos for your organization                        

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