Saara wants to help!

Covid-19 is affecting us all here in Colorado. 

We have to adjust to a new normal. Here are some resources to help you out during this time of need

I look forward to keeping you healthy during this quarantine.


💪🏻 Saara

Meet Your Coach:

Saara Haapanen

Bsc., MSc., Phd Candidate

Beaming beacon of positivity and unparalleled source of motivational energy. Saara's professional aspiration is to transform client's lives utilizing approaches that are fun, engaging, and exciting. Under her tutelage and guidance clients learn to make sustainable long-term changes, without resorting to ineffective fitness fads, destructive diets, or other trendy nonsense.


Her academic background and personal passions are firmly rooted in performance psychology and health promotion, and she strives to push people to be their best selves. ​In college, Saara received an athletic scholarship for diving and studied kinesiology (human movement), health promotion, and psychology. Deciding that sport and exercise was totally her thing, she moved to Finland to pursue a Master`s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology.


While studying, she was also diving for the Finnish National team and training for the 2008 Olympics where she was the first overall alternate for the Beijing Olympic Games.


Saara has coached and trained divers of all levels from beginner to international for 15 years in three different countries. Having worked with many Olympic level coaches and athletes, she knows what works and what doesn't.


Saara leverages her unique combination of academic excellence, athletic prowess, and extensive experience when training and coaching clients. There's a masterful method to her madness: currently a PhD candidate in Sports Psychology (if you are interested in some of her research work click here), Saara is also an appointee for the Colorado Governor's Council for Active and Healthy Lifestyles. She aims to help make Colorado one of the healthiest states in the nation. 


In her free time she enjoys drinking home brews and other craft beers with her husband, playing with her boxers, and exploring all that Colorado has to offer.