"I do like that you smile a lot while doing the exercises. It makes me smile at the same time. Thank you for what you do. You are appreciated."

Tim T.

IT Technician

"Thank you, Saara! I find your positive energy contagious and I always feel better after doing the exercises."



Lisa D.

Business Analyst  

"I love how real you are. I don't feel intimidated by some intense workout person. Your sense of humor is great and you are also, clearly, knowledgeable and prepared."


Catherine F.

Office Administrator

"Thanks Saara for offering this program to our employees! I love the program because it offers flexibility; I can do it at my desk, I can do it when working from home and I can replay archived videos if I'm looking for something different or extra on any given day. Your sense of humor always cracks me up and I feel better at the end of every video."



Maria M.

Business Analyst