Move at Work Challenge

5-7 Minutes of Movement a Day

AT WORK= Happier Humans

Please watch the video below 

Healthy Employees are Happy Employees.

They are also more productive, have a better mood, less tired, more engaged, and they feel better.

Plus science is finally on my side- all movement adds up! Little bits of movement ALL ADD UP!!!


Don't take my word for it, check out some testimonials below!


Here's what participants have to say:


Senior Business Analyst



Thank you so much for your move at work videos. I am behind the computer most of the day and if not, I am in meetings.  That is a lot of sitting, and by the afternoon, I am dragging. These videos are a great way for me to connect with my coworkers and get my blood moving again for a short time – so it doesn’t really take time away from my work day.




Library Paraprofessional

Hi Saara.


I wanted to let you know that I look forward to the daily stretches and strengthening. I like that it is a healthy break and I am more productive afterwards. I also like that it is short enough to do even on busy days.


I truly enjoy it.


Thanks for your hard work!




Low Incidence Disability Program Supervisor


Thanks so much for the awesome videos you provide.  I look forward to the 5-7 minutes a day where I can get my body moving, hear your encouragement and do something for myself.  


Having you doing this program is one of the best decisions my company has ever made. 


Thank you!




I would say one of the positive things about the move at work challenge is knowing I am doing something good for me because it forces me to take a 5-7 min. break sometimes when I wouldn’t normally take but probably need to take it. It has also helped me increase my overall physical movement because sometimes I am just too tired once I get home to do anything.


Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing


I look forward to your emails. When I do the move at work challenge, it makes me feel like I am doing something positive for myself. With this little break, I can refocus and I feel more productive.

Saara, you make me smile; I love your positive attitude.

This is ONE perk from my company that is valuable and that I actually use.


Financial Analyst



I seriously love what you are doing.  I look forward to your videos on the daily.








Saara Haapanen

BSc, MS, PhD Candidate

​I love to change human's lives.

I do this through health and fitness. ​

Getting humans to move at work is my passion. 

I am living my dream job. You can read my bio here