What is Move@Work Challenge?

Participating will help you FEEL BETTER at WORK! 

  • "I found Saara's Move@Work program to be informative and helpful in maintaining accountability and helping improve my flexibility in core areas of tightness aggravated by long periods of sitting and interacting with computers."
  • "I sit at a desk all day and fall victim to the 2:00 slump. The MOVE@WORK challenge program improved my afternoon energy and made me more mindful of how movement during the day improves my energy and productivity, even after the challenge. No two days are the same, Saara keeps the movement varied, so it's always fun to login and see what the day's "workout" will be. Not to mention, Saara is hilarious so I always get a laugh which is fantastic for overall well being. Thanks Saara!
  • "These work outs were easy to follow and the variety made it fun. Would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to add a little extra movement in their day, whether at home or work. I also liked the online comments, they kept you motivated"
  • "Saara has endless enthusiasm and creativity. I thoroughly enjoy the MOVE@WORK Challenge program. Even though it was only about 5 minutes a day, I had a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day and even more at the end of 30 days. The follow along made it easy, and her background scenarios changed daily making it even more fun. The program gave me something to think about in movement every day. While I have a fairly physical job as a hairdresser, I was also moving muscles that I don't usually give any extra attention to or in ways that I don't usually. All of this led to taking on more exercise and movement throughout the week, which was what I wanted!"


First of all, this isn't like any other program you've done. 


It's just Saarafied  moves that you can do at your desk right now.


It it easy to get started and you can do it in less than 5 minutes. You can actually feel better after the first video. 


Look, you get one body to live in. One time on this planet- and you WERE NOT MEANT TO SIT ALL DAY. If you don't take care of it who will?

And It's About MORE Than Just Moving and Exercise.

I truly love to change lives and I'll give you other pointers that go beyond the daily videos, like how to use your core while talking to a colleague and how to make better choice when you go out to eat. We also take time to work on strength, balance, improve flexibility, stretch, breath and laugh. I also try my best to change up the scenery (parks, boats, planes, parks etc.) and keep it entertaining.  


I also like to give as many get healthy tips, tricks and hacks as possible because you have to take care of your body it's the only place you have to live. 


Guess what? You have control over what you do, so go ahead and try it out here.


Here's a recap of what the Move@Work Challenge program can provide you-

  • Reduced risk of heart disease diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer, back and neck pain and other orthopedic problems

  • Combat the negative effect sitting has on your body in 5 minutes a day

  • Increased productivity, better mood, more energy, engagement and efficiency

  • Small bits of movement all add up and can go a long way toward improving both individual and company performance.

  • Feel happier and healthier and improve your quality of life

  • A break in your day to feel better and be entertained while working on your own health. 

  • Fight the 2:00pm slump with natural increased energy 

  • Be a happier and healthier individual for those around you at work and at home

  • Enjoy a mid-day break from computer work and be entertained and energized