• You can do a workout at work- all it takes is a bit of accountability from Saara. I'll send you a daily text and an email with a reminder to move. You might even smile during and feel better afterwards :). 

  • Moving your body at work results in things like better concentration, more energy, better productivity, less stiffness and less pain. 

"These work outs were easy to follow and the variety made it fun. Would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to add a little extra movement in their day, whether at home or work. I also liked the online comments, they kept you motivated"

Lisa G.

Move At Work Challenge Participant

"I found Saara's Move@Work program to be informative and helpful in maintaining accountability and helping improve my flexibility in core areas of tightness aggravated by long periods of sitting and interacting with computers."

Micheal J.

Move At Work Challenge Participant

"I sit at a desk all day and fall victim to the 2:00 slump. The MOVE@WORK challenge program improved my afternoon energy and made me more mindful of how movement during the day improves my energy and productivity, even after the challenge. No two days are the same, Saara keeps the movement varied, so it's always fun to login and see what the day's "workout" will be. Not to mention, Saara is hilarious so I always get a laugh which is fantastic for overall well being. Thanks Saara!

Maria M.

Move at Work Challenge Participant

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